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  •  Foolproof slicing every time!
  •  Lifetime Guarantee
  •  Money Back Guarantee
  •  No Assembly Required
  •  Folds for easy storage

  •  Foolproof slicing every time!
  •  Lifetime Guarantee
  •  Money Back Guarantee
  •  Trusted in kitchens worldwide
  •  Folds for easy storage

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality ofAmerica’s Bread Slicer that we offer a refund for the purchase price with no questions asked.

 America’s Bread Slicer Lifetime Guarantee When Purchased From This Website

By purchasing through the manufacturers website, your America’s Bread Slicer bread slicer is guaranteed for life against manufacturing and material defects.

“Best I’ve found!” -Gimpy

  •  Handcrafted Quality
  •  No Bamboo
  •  No Splinters

“Simple but brilliant!!!” -Diane C.

Excellent Product.

This product performs exactly as promised. We love it. Have had it for 5 years, use it on all of our breads, and it still looks like new. Well worth the money. 

–  Randy Soletski


I tried a bamboo one from Amazon. It had a crumb tray that was broken upon arrival. Cheaply made. Staple came apart. I tried slicing some bread and the wood slats felt flimsy and splintery. Returned the product for a refund. Heard about America’s Bread Slicer. I decided to try it even though it was more expensive. I like that it’s made in the USA. It’s sturdy and the wood feels solid. This is a keeper.

– D. Sylvester

Great Bread Slicer!

Beautifully made from quality materials. Love being able to choose thin or thick slices. Can cut a larger slice by skipping slots. Folds and assembles easily. Worth every cent I paid for it.

–  Suzie

Quality Bread Slicer – Reasonably Priced

You get what you pay for with America’s Bread Slicer. Only America’s Bread Slicer is manufactured in the USA and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee at a fair price.

“Best thing since sliced bread!” -Larry N.

Perfect slices every time!

It just works!!

Simple, elegant design that just works. Finally, I can slice my homemade bread so it looks like the bakery sliced it. Combined with the larger gusseted bags I ordered with my America’s Bread Slicer, no more squished loaves with uneven, wedge shaped slices.

–  K. Custer


This is the best bread slicer ever! I had an old plastic one before. This America’s Bread Slicer, however, will last for years! The wood will not splinter or leave pieces on my bread slices, and I like how thin the bread can be sliced with America’s Bread Slicer. Also, this one is so very compact and easy to store! An outstanding purchase.

–  Karen Grey

Great Product.

America’s Bread Slicer is very well designed and very well made—here in the USA. Excellent bread slicer with ability to slice different thicknesses. Compact and stores flat. Bought this America’s Bread Slicerfor my neighbor and she loves it. She couldn’t wait to use it.  

–  Jim

Perfect Slicing Every Time 

America’s Bread Slicer™ spring loaded, solid locking design cuts many loaf shapes and sizes.

Slices Thick or Thin

  •  Slices 1/2″ or 3/8″ pieces
  •  Slicing every other slot doubles thickness
  •  Accepts a 6 1/2″ wide loaf of any length

“Loaves of beauty.” -Anonymous

Affordable Worldwide Shipping

“Couldn’t get any better.” -Jeff

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100% Money Back Guarantee For Any Reason!

America’s Bread Slicer Lifetime Repair or Replacement Guarantee

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America’s Bread Slicer

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