Classic Toppings for Different Breads

We all have favorite bread recipes. And odds are you also have a few favorite toppings that you like to put on your favorite type. The various flavors in different types of bread go well with many different kinds of toppings.

The typical density and warmth of bread are some of the reasons why toppings work so well on bread. The soft spongy mass inside a bread loaf is great for spreading all kinds of toppings. And the heat of a loaf right out of the oven adds a nice touch to your favorite toppings, from melting cheese to a creamy slab of butter. Toppings obviously go best with homemade bread for these reasons. Hot bread doesn’t come out of a plastic bag. It comes out of an oven or a bread maker machine – still warm.

If you’re thinking of taking on bread making, be sure to look up bread machine reviews online and don’t forget a for home use high quality bread slicer. These machines take much of the work out of homemade bread making. You simply add the ingredients, set the cycle, and then come home from work to the smell of freshly baked bread. It’s then ready to be spread with your favorite toppings.

Below are some examples of flavorful combinations that you can try.

Sourdough Bread: This bread is very hearty and savory. It contrasts a bit too much with sweet toppings, so it goes best with toppings that also have a savory taste. The next time you’re having sour dough bread, try setting a slice of your favorite kind of cheese on top of it and letting it melt a bit. Salami and other spicy meats also go well on sourdough.

White Bread: Plain white bread is perfect for a quick and simple snack. For that reason, it often goes well with quick and simple toppings. A quick smear of butter is one of the most common options with plain white bread. Jams and jellies are also quick and easy, and go especially well with white bread when you toast it. But don’t forget the all-time favorite – peanut butter and jelly. But some people prefer peanut butter and banana. Rumor has it this was a favorite of Elvis Presley’s.

Raisin Bread: Raisin bread goes great with almost anything sweet. Try jams and jellies, or even a smudge of cream cheese.

Whole Grain: A lot of people are switching to whole grain for health reasons, but they miss the taste of regular bread. Sometimes, having the right topping can make all the difference when it comes to taste. Whole grain is pretty plain, so sometimes a dash of sweetness does the trick. If you switched to whole grain because of health reasons, consider trying a little honey as a topping. Its high in sugar, but it’s not as bad as most sugary substances because of how natural it is; and a little goes a long way in terms of taste. Low-fat butter can be used for those watching their weight.

Garlic Bread: Of course garlic bread wouldn’t be garlic bread without garlic, and butter. This savory bread is another great example that goes well with cheese. It also goes well with marinara sauce. Try pouring a little on top, and maybe sprinkle it with some mozzarella cheese. Dipping it in warm olive oil is also popular.

Dessert Bread: When eating a sweet bread like gingerbread or banana nut bread, it can be tasty to use a sweet topping that gives it a little extra kick. You don’t want to use too much, though. Consider sprinkling a little powdered sugar on your favorite dessert bread the next time you have a sweet tooth.

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