Snack Platters that go Well with Different Breads

We all know that a slice of bread goes great with meals. From a side dish to an appetizer, we love to have bread with dinner. This is because bread goes great with almost any food. In fact, not only is it a great addition to dinner; it’s also a great addition to a snack platter.
“Addition” may not even be the best word. You could say that a big warm slice of fresh bread is the main attraction for a nice snack platter. This is especially true if it’s homemade bread. There are lots of combinations when setting up a snack platter that go great for certain types of bread. Here are a few ideas you might try the next time you’re craving a snack or creating platters for a party.
Plain white bread goes good with almost anything. Its flavor is so basic, that it’s a good choice when you’re reaching for something sweet. If you’re going to have some fruit with your snack platter, like blueberries, apple slices, or strawberries; then plain white bread is good because its mild flavor won’t distract from the sweetness of the fruit.
Sweets don’t mix quite as well when you’re having bread with a more distinct flavor. One such example is sourdough bread. If you’re having sourdough bread, a hearty tasting snack platter will work well. Some slices of cheddar cheese and flavorful nuts like pecans or almonds will all mix together nicely with sourdough bread on a snack platter.
Biscuits tend to go well with sausage. Some people prefer the two separate, such as having a couple of sausage links next to a couple biscuits on the platter. Others like to combine the two, such as putting sausage patties inside the biscuits to make little breakfast sandwiches. Going with this breakfast theme, eggs, cheese, or hash-browns are all also great ideas.
Rolls are always great with classic country side dishes. A scoop of mash potatoes or flavorful beans goes well with a couple of fresh rolls.
Garlic bread that’s been toasted to a slight crispiness is perfect when you pair it with a warm bowl of tomato soup or melt a little cheese on top.
Making small sandwiches with different kinds of bread and fillings make a perfect snack tray to take to parties or holiday events.
There are endless examples, of course. One of the reasons bread has been around so long is because it is amazing with almost everything. The next time you’re feeling hungry between meals, you should try one of these examples, or maybe have some fun creating a combination of your own. Either way, the result will be a great tasting and filling snack.
Bread can also be a good snack just by itself. Some of the best breads for just eating plain are the dessert type breads, such as gingerbread or banana nut bread. Breads that are really sweet can contrast too much with something savory, and pairing it with another sweet item can be a sugar overload. Then again, some people like sugar overloads.
You can always count on homemade bread to be a delicious snack; rather you eat it by itself or combine it with other foods.
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