More Bread Toppings

There’s nothing better than eating a fresh slice of homemade bread. Except for maybe one thing – covering that slice of bread with an equally delicious topping. By changing the topping you can create a new taste for your bread.

Here are a few of the most popular bread toppings.

Garlic butter – This is a favorite on Italian bread. It goes well with any pasta dish. It’s also good on bread sticks.

Honey butter – If you can find some local honey this will not only be a tasty treat but it will help you fight allergies.

Apple butter – Another classic favorite.

Cinnamon and sugar – There’s nothing like some cinnamon toast on a cold winter morning.

Jams, jellies – This is good on biscuits or any type of bread. It takes a normal piece of bread or toast and turns it into something sweet and special.

Nut butters – As well as peanut butter you can also buy or make cashew and almond butter. When you buy them in health food stores or make your own they’re much healthy. Add some jelly for the classic P B and J.

Cream cheese – This is perfect for bagels and sweet breads. You can also add fruit to the cream cheese such as pineapple or strawberries. Even chopped olives or cucumbers are good. Cream cheese and salmon works well on bagels. The wonderful thing about cream cheese is it can be a sweet treat or a salty treat depending on what you add to it. This works on bagels, croissants, biscuits, dessert breads or even a plain slice of bread.

Mashed banana and nuts – You can use this one to entice your kids to eat breakfast.

Marinara – This is a popular dipping sauce for bread sticks or slices of Italian bread.

Bruschetta – On toasted bread slices this makes a delicious appetizer.

Hazel nut spread – If your kids (or you) love chocolate; this is a way to turn slices of bread into a chocolate treat. You can find recipes to make your own at home.

Breakfast pizza – Add some scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese to a slice of bread and you’ve turned it into breakfast pizza.

Thinly sliced avocado and tomatoes – Add some healthy fat to your carbs by putting some slices of avocado on your bread. This is not only tasty but will help you fill full longer than just eating carbs alone.

Hummus – Dipping pieces of bread in hummus is not only tasty but healthy.

Another benefit of adding toppings is you can completely change the taste of your snack. Put some brie on the bread and it’s like having a fancy appetizer. Or some cream cheese with fruit makes your bread seem like a dessert.

To make sure your slices are even and your fresh bread doesn’t get squished when you try to cut it – use a bread slicer.

By mixing and matching different types of bread with a variety of topics you’ll always have a unique and different treat. Use your imagination to make your own creations.

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