How To Slice Bread

Are you one of those people who have started to appreciate homemade sandwich bread? Or are you into the next best thing – unsliced bread. Even unsliced bakery bread can give you sandwiches and bread slices that almost taste like they were made from home-baked bread. You may have also discovered the reason why the rest of the world would rather buy pre-sliced bread; the possibility of producing slices that look like they were made by someone who doesn’t know their way around a bread knife!
How can you slice bread so that it produces decent-looking, bakery-quality slices?  Here is a guide that can be helpful for those who want to slice their own bread for sandwiches and bread-based recipes:
Purchase an unsliced bread loaf. If you can, it’s always better to learn how to bake bread. It definitely gives you some bragging rights and a steady supply of genuine do-it-yourself sandwiches, not to mention the taste! After you learn how to slice bread properly, you’ll be more apt to want to make your own bread.
The best time to slice the bread is right before you eat it. Bread quickly loses its freshness when it is sliced and exposed to air. With thoroughly washed hands, hold one end of the bread loaf firmly in place and begin slicing in a sawing motion. If you’re slicing your home-baked bread, wait for it to cool completely before making the cut.

Begin bread slicing from the top and then work your way slowly through the softer part of the loaf. Use a knife or electric knife) with an edge that is sharp enough to break through the top of the loaf. For sandwich bread, make 1/2-thick slices. Regular toast is usually can be 3/8 to 1/2 inch in thickness or what ever you prefer. You can make one-inch-thick slices for French toast recipes.
The easier way to slice bread:
A more precise way of slicing bread is to use a high quality a bread slicing guide which is designed to help you cut bread uniformly. A top quality bread slicing guide is easy and quick.
Now that you know how easy bread cutting can be, you should be inspired to bake your own bread at home! It’s a cost-effective way to fill lunch boxes and dining tables with nutritious home-style sandwiches and special dessert breads.

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