Exotic Breads from Around the World

There’s nothing quite like an exotic slice of bread. Bread has worked its way into virtually every culture on earth, but each country took the original concept in totally different directions.

Exotic breads are a fun thing to try; it’s interesting to see what different cultures have come up with and the ingredients they use.

Below are some examples of exotic breads.

Anpan- A sweet bun that originates from Japan. It is normally filled with a red bean paste.

Baguette- A long bread loaf that first came from France, but has since spread across the entire world. This bread is recognizable for the slits that are cut along its surface before it is baked.

Bammy- A flatbread from the island of Jamaica. Some ingredients include coconut oil and coconut milk.

Bhatoora- A very fluffy bread that originates from India. The bread is fried until it fluffs out and has a chewy consistency.

Bing- A flatbread that originates from China. The style is very reminiscent to the tortilla. The main difference is that it is much thicker.

Breadstick- A well-known bread from Italy. It is prepared in dry, long, and typically thin strips.

Cottage Loaf – A bread from England named primarily for its odd shape. The bread is made by mashing together dough balls of various sizes, producing a bread loaf in the rough shape of a cottage.

Croissant- A bread from France that has become fairly common in other countries over the years. It is made by rolling a triangle piece into the shape of a horn or crescent. It can come in different versions such being filled with sweets like chocolate or savory filling like cheese.

Crumpet- A griddle cake that originates in Europe. It is recognizable for its iconic shape, being flat and thick, with round edge and pours on its surface.

Dampfnudel- A white bread from Germany. It has a dense and moist consistency.
Farl- A flatbread from Scotland and Ireland. It is prepared on a skillet or griddle in a circular shape, and then cut into four equal pieces before being cooked.

Lefse- A soft potato flatbread from Norway. Alternatively, it can also be made from cream, milk, or lard.

Monkey Bread- Sometimes referred to as “African Coffee Cake,” and a variety of other names, it is a sweet pasty bread from Africa. It is typically served for breakfast.

Pita- A flatbread from across the Mediterranean. It is iconic for having a pocket under its surface, which occurs naturally as it is being cooked and cooled.

Massa Sovada- A sweetbread from Portugal. The bread is round and was once served primarily for holidays, but is now prepared year round. It is made from honey, milk and sugar.

Soda Bread- A quick bread from Ireland. The most notable thing about this bread is that it used baking soda as a replacement for yeast. The possible flavors for this bread are wide and varied.

Tiger Bread- A rice bread from the Netherlands. As the bread is prepared, it forms two colors on its surface reminiscent of tiger stripes.

Tortilla- A well-known flatbread from Mexico with a variety of meal purposes.

Zwieback- A leavened sweet bread from Germany. This bread is baked twice, and has a sweet and crisp consistency.

No matter where a bread maker comes from; he or she can always make a treat that’s delicious. When you’re travelling, always try to sample the local bakers various typed of bread.

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